Budujemy od 1991 r.

Projects in Poland

using-cooperative-learning-to-empower-schools-pztlry-clipartThe company “MIGDAL BUD” has made numerous accomplishments in various areas of construction. Among the works we’ve done lately:

  • Construction of shelters for car-tanks – Lajkonik Snacks
  • Renovations of offices – Grana
  • Replacement of flat roof – Scholz Poland
  • The facade-Grana
  • Replacement of flat roof – Lajkonik Snacks
  • Drainage works – Nowy Biezanow
  • Renovation of warehouse-Grana
  • The total modernization of office space – Lajkonik Snacks
  • The elevation of a multifamily-housing – Grudnik Marketing
  • Modernization of the office space – Fire Station Skawina
  • The elevation of a multi-family building – HARTBUD
  • The construction of single-family homes in Skawina Sambork
  • Several elevations on single-family homes in the surroundings of Skawina